A downloadable experience for Windows and macOS

"Beyond the Visual" deals with aural manifestations of space. The experience is based on spaces "hallucinated" through blindfolded listening experiences of the spatial audio piece "grrawe" by Gerriet K. Sharma. 

The original application was developed in VR. The apps provided are conventional/non-VR versions for OSX and Windows.

Binaural audio - Requires headphones.

Product of a week-long workshop taught at 2018 eddition of the  Polish Association of Architecture Students (OSSA) festival, titled "Vision" (October 13-21 2018, Łodz, Poland). The workshop was carried out in an architectural context, with 7 participants, all students of architecture.

Workshop participants Kelly Babbar, Aleksandra Bartczak, Rafał Golczyk, Jakub Gondorowicz, Joanna Lipnicka, Karol Wawrzkiewicz and Maja Wrzeszcz.

Workshop tutors Constantinos MiltiadisGerriet K. Sharma

The workshop is documented at the Society of Artistic Research (SAR) Research Catalogue https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/815001/815002

Install instructions

The link includes zipped files of the OSX and Windows versions of the app. 
Binaural audio - Requires headphones

Use mouse to look around. Return to skip scenes.  



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